Persoonlijkheids DNA

Een interessante test, 10 pagina’s vragen invullen genereert je eigen
Personal Dna Report
. Klopt wel redelijk. Altijd fascinerend om te zien dat dit soort tests, mits goed gemaakt, kunnen werken.

Upgrade… eindelijk

Eindelijk is mijn site ge-upgrade naar de laatste WordPressversie. Dat houdt dus betere spamfilters (en weer comment) in, live search, een automatische flickr badge en betere archieven en een AJAX search. Maar vooral veel verbeteringen aan de achterkant waar u als bezoeker natuurlijk niets van ziet, maar verwacht de komende tijd wat meer updates in ieder geval. Ik heb er weer zin in.

Good old days

Sometimes you run into some old photograph that strongly reminds you of past times. I ran into this old panorama photo of the office I used to work in during 2000. My first webdesign job, and I didn’t know shit about anything really. I could make webpages and small sites, but that was it. I got in with help of a friend, already working there, and learned almost everything on the job. PHP, JavaScript, usability, writing for the web and all those skills I now take for granted.

Since then I’ve moved on and I am currently employed by the largest Labour Union in the Netherlands and am dedicated to providing our consultants with the information they need through intranet applications and I’m also working on a new internet customerportal.

But seeing this picture brings back a sentimental feeling about exploring possibilities, endless learning and friday afternoon beers.

EuroNet Internet webstudio


One of those sites that really adds someting, one of those sites that seem to have been online since the dawn of the web is The Internet Movie Database. LA Weekly has an interesting article about the site, it’s origin and the company behind it.

And while I am at it, Seriocomic’s Mike Hudson has proven that he is indeed the hermit he says he is. I mean: who writes a list of his 250(!) most favourite films? 🙂

And do you know what the problem is with somebode else’s list? You don’t know if the person who wrote the list hasn’t seen that great movie or thinks it sucked. But considering his taste he hasn’t seen it yet.

Some aditional Oerol pictures

As I wrote, the Oerol festival was very cool, but kinda crowded. Fortunately one can escape and go cycling on the very beautiful island Terschelling.

Here are some additional pictures of my holiday there.

Beatle climbing a book
A lot of insects there, some of them even with ambitions of moving up in life
Click the link to view three more pictures.

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