Mother of all linkdumps

Because I now use aside posts, I will hereby dump all of my previous links in some thematic posts the next few days, today we start with design. All these links were hand checked and have been found ok.

Leesvoer van de dag

ie_icon.jpgMet Internet Explorer 7 en haar betere CSS ondersteuning in aantocht zou de vlag uitmoeten bij elke webdesigner maar helaas, zo simpel is het niet.

Dave Shea legt uit “With the imminent launch of IE7 your usual CSS hacking methods are going to fail. If you want to save web design, as we know it, it’s time to take some drastic action.”

De bottomline? Speel op safe en hoop op mooi dingen in de toekomst. Helaas, het is niet anders maar structurele oplossingen voor verschillen in weergave tussen browsers en -versies zijn op korte termijn nog niet in zicht.

The best thing about webstandards

The best thing about web standards is never having to say you’re sorry. (Joe)

Well, actually there are a lot of good things about webstandards, but besides that your documents are semantically correct, more accessible, faster to load and platform independent, we now have a way of creating webpages that is ‘the-right-way-to-do-it’ and that puts the burden of not being rendered correctly where it belongs: at the Browser vendor!

So yeah, you do not have to say sorry anymore. If somebody wants to visit valid pages with a poor browser, it’s their problem.

I don’t mean to say that proper rendering shouldn’t interest you though… just that when you have to choose between a hack or using standards… well, you figure it out 🙂

Talking the blue underlined link talk. Again.

Do we make links blue and underlined? What do we do with the visited links. And do we have to take Jacob Nielsen litterally?

Of course we do not. Nielsen already quit claiming blue underlined links as the only right way some time ago, but some of the designers Cameron Moll has asked about their views still act as if Nielsen wishes to limit their artistic freedom.

A lot of familiar arguments, and some subtle remarks as well. Interesting though nothing revolutionary.
CollyLogic: Question Time: Visited Links

On my way to valid xhtml

Well, I’ve been reading that book for some time now, and discovered that I already used a lot of xhtml transitional methods.
So here is my first try in achieving something that passes the test. No, don’t validate, cause it won’t pass. It seems that my version of WordPress doesn’t spit out standards complient characters for the &, and it also generates a lot of unnecessary code.

There are though, no more markup tags in my code, and exept for the container table, everything is done with css. I’ve tried to keep it as clean as possible, but this site will be a work in progress.

But hey, aren’t they always? And now I’m off for the soccermatch! Netherlands vs Portugal.