The Holiday Lie

Minister Sybilla Dekker said that The Netherlands and Germany have the largest number of holidays in Europe and that the dutch should sacrifice 2 to 3 days for the good of the economy. Work more for the same money seems to be the government’s slogan.

But when you check those numbers mentioned, the real numbers are disturbingly different: The Dutch have the least number of holidays in europe. So that is complete bullshit from somebody who should be acting in our best interest. Well, you may expect that in a democracy, right?

I am not opposed to firm measures to make the country healthy again, but descisions like that shouldn’t be based on lies but on general consensus.

The English know how to solve those issues though. Just give the people 8 extra days to keep them happy. Blair might have been mistaken to send British troops to Iraq, but he sure knows how to please the workers.