wp-2.0-button.gifThis site – as well as Sargasso and Hollands Metaal – runs on WordPress, a piece of free open source software that is being backed by a huge community of users and developers. It is originally a fork of b2, the weblog tool we first used for Sargasso. Would you like to know more?

The WordPress community has produced an amazing collections of plugins (additional buts of functionality) and themes (skins, layouts).
There are almost as many WordPress templates as there are lists of WP templates. I don’t think listing 700+ templates alphabetically is the right way to do that. On this page I will collect only those templates that really are different in design, are easy to customize and good looking. I will seperate them in 2 subsets of 2 and 3 column templates.

The number of plugins is also huge, but on the wordpress codex, an attempt is made to categorize them, which makes searching a bit easier, but no effort is taken to separate the good from the bad.

My selection will not be based upon rational criteria though, here I will just post those themes and plugins that I find really useful and easy to install. For example, I do not want to alter my database tables any more than is absolutely necessary.

Weblogtools collection: Lots of news about WordPress, Themes and Plugins
A new WordPress theme competition

Finally, WP has a decent Theme Viewer
Some great themes @ Thought Mechanis
Arena WP: Showcasing the finest WordPress powered websites from around the world!

Interesting fork