Why officework will die

John Wesley has written an excellent piece on teleworking. He is absolutely right when pointing out that your most productive hours are sparse and that recharching at the office is hard. Mine are in the morning, and when I work from home, I start working @ 08:00 hrs, and get a lot done. In the afternoon I do those little tasks like making phonecalls and replying to emails, and at the end of my workingday I run again through that morning’s work and correct and adjust it. Works fine for me.

The only point I disagree with, is that I find it absolutely necessary meet my colleagues. I work together with a lot of people, and I just cannot take out the people of the process. The work wouldn’t be as productive without real life communication.

For the rest: excellent reading: Why the 9 to 5 Office Worker Will Become a Thing of the Past