Search engine updates

A search enginge war is coming. This year, promising better and personalized results, but:

…Brand highlights the fact that while this second search arms race promises to offer better search results, the technologies are designed give search engines a better story to tell to advertisers

Get a good update: Google killers

Extragratis: Niche search engines

And well well well… a new engine, a dutch engine. Izito with a dramatic layout. The results are in flash. Yeah, flash. They say: “Izito is a smart searchengine with a rich user interface that makes searching easier.” And opening links in a new tab impossible while at the same time distorting the expected back-button behaviour.

This engine might deliver very good results – actually my first impression is quite positive-, but I’m afraid that with the current user interface a lot of people will never find out. I have two words of advice for the creators: “Usability Testing”