No follow, no interconnection

There is a lot of enthousiasm on the web about Googles steps to block comment spamming, by using the rel=”nofollow” attribute of links. That is, when you want to completely block any links originating from your website. And if spammers would stop posting their spam.

Sargasso is an informative site with a lot of commenters who nog only babble away, but also post valuable links and addons to our articles. Removing any links from the comments is a blow for the interconnected web. But there is another option, one that would be much more fun and that would leave the open structure intact. But it would require some manual labour from the search industry.

I think it would be much more efficient if spamsites were removed from the index directly. Set up a few hidden weblogs on several systems, watch what spam appears on those sites and remove the sites they link to completely.

You’d probably have to change sites every few weeks, but after a while, spammers will notice that plugging around their urls on weblogs will only result in removal. And therefor would become counterproductive.

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