Over Facebook Instant Articles

Een uitstekende analyse van Baekdal over de nieuwe Instant Articles op Facebook, en waarom het voor uitgevers wel eens helemaal niet interessant zou kunnen zijn om er veel energie in te steken. Dat waarmee je interactie hebt, is waar je je aan bindt. En op Facebook is dat vooral… Facebook.

“What many publishers don’t seem to understand is that Facebook is incredibly limited in terms of the behavior its audience has. People don’t go to Facebook for news. Instead, people primarily only use Facebook when they are having a quick break. That means that the audience is coming to Facebook without a specific intent. And because there is no specific intent, there is also almost no loyalty.”

En over de wow factor van de nieuwe features: Facebook is mocking you. I imagine this was how they discussed it afterwards.

“We presented how you could make photos slide, and they all thought this was something new. Oh man, that was too funny. And, did you hear that these publishers didn’t even know how to do autoplaying videos? Or what about when the publishers gaped in awe when we showed them interactive maps. Oh boy, we laughed at that one for hours afterwards.
We also showed them that by removing all the extra elements from a page and slightly optimizing the code, we could make it load faster. They couldn’t believe it. Ha ha.

Man, we had soo much fun at that meeting. Publishers, you should have done all of this yourselves years ago, and it serves as yet another example of how far behind the legacy media world is.”

En als ik dit lees dan ben ik blij dat ik werk waar ik werk, waar we dagelijks dit soort dingen doen. Op onze eigen sites. https://www.baekdal.com/analysis/the-thing-about-facebook-instant-articles